Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association


Incorporated in 1979, the Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association was established  from the need to provide a payment mechanism for adults with Sickle Cell Disease who were medically indigent; with the focus, and intent to solve Sickle Cell Disease, in the context of broader, societal issues, facing Ohio’s children, minorities and poor.



To provide Education, Advocacy and Support to persons and families affected and at-risk for Sickle Cell Disease through effective approaches to Sickle Cell Services



To have a stake in and be concerned about health problems as they relate to underserved population in Ohio

To serve as coordinating body for Sickle Cell Trait, Sickle Cell Disease and other health activities across the state of Ohio

To serve as a resource base for Sickle Cell Programs and health Organizations

To develop support for affected individuals and families

To educate and inform the professional and lay communities about the Sickle Cell Phenomena and other health issues