The Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association (OSCHA) provides resources for individuals and families affected with the Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Trait or other Hemoglobin Disorders. Please contact us at (614) 228-0157


 Through various media campaigns and outreach initiatives, OSCHA seeks to educate the Ohio community about the risks and complications pertaining to Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Trait and other Hemoglobin Disorders. Please contact our staff for information on local, regional and statewide outreach initiatives.

In the state of Ohio all newborn children are tested for Sickle Cell Disease and/or Sickle Cell Trait. The detection of Sickle Cell Trait is important for couples who want to have children. In order for a child to be born with Sickle Cell Disease they must inherit a gene for the disease from both parents.

§ A person with sickle cell disease has two abnormal hemoglobin S genes

§ A person with sickle cell trait has only one of the problem hemoglobin S genes and no symptoms, or only mild ones

OSCHA provides access to free or low cost testing for specific populations in the state. Please contact us for information on testing.

Counselors are available to provide professional guidance on Sickle Cell related topics including:

§ discussing the likelihood, based on test results, that the couple will have a child with a Sickle Cell Disease

§ discussing what problems Sickle Cell Disease may cause and other health related topics

 OSCHA provides various support services including educational scholarships, mentoring and emergency support services for affected families.Affiliate support groups for affected families are also available throughout the state of Ohio. Please contact OSCHA for information on the support services provided.

Medical referral services are provided for testing locations, physicians, and counselors. Please contact us for additional referrals to assist with overall quality of living when dealing with Sickle Cell related complications.

 OSCHA is a continued advocate for legislation that supports issues related to the sickle cell disease. Along with initiatives to raise awareness, we urge community members to help us influence elected officials to support legislation that will find a cure and combat the Sickle Cell. Visit the Advocacy page for current initiatives.  Please join our online newsletter for updates to the services that are provided.